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A few days ago, one of my reader ask me if I can cover RSS in one of the post so that she can understand better about RSS. I thought it is a good idea since this is a relatively new topic in my blog and I would love to know how others are tapping on the power of RSS.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is automatically generated from the WordPress blog. The RSS will also be updated automatically whenever you have updated with new blog post. A typical blog powered by WordPress will have the RSS URL like this: I bet you have also seen the RSS icon displayed at a prominent location in some of the blogs you come across.

RSS backlinks

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How Do You Use RSS?

Now, you know your RSS URL, so how should you use your RSS to benefit you?  I do get some direct traffic from RSS to this blog. However, I love to use RSS as backlinking strategy and this is probably kinda different from others. So, let’s delve the usage of RSS as backlinks and direct traffic.

1. RSS Traffic

As you can see at the top right hand corner, I have my RSS icon, Facebook and Twitter icons up so that people like you guys that are interested to stay in touch with me can connect me via this few channels. Once you click on the RSS icon, it will bring you to my feed at Feedburner where you can subscriber the feed via any online readers you desired. I only use Google reader to get feeds from blogs that I visit frequently such as:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of blogs that visit frequently and I am sure I have forgotten some of the good one. By the way, most of the times I just type in the sites manually instead of reading the feed from Google Reader.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea how the RSS can allow readers not to miss your future posts (the readers need to subscribe to the RSS). Therefore, as a blog owner, you will be able to notify automatically a group of  your loyal readers that will come back for your posts every time whenever you have a new post updated. Having said that, my preference is to mail out to my list when I have a post up that I think would benefit my list because email provides personal touch and allow me to connect better with my list. If you have not subscribe to my list and get your free buyer keywords hunter, you can just fill in your name and email at the sidebar on the right hand side to ensure you will get first hand information from me that will benefit you :)

2. RSS Backlinks

Apart from this blog, I run multiple niche sites that generate me income and hence I am always into SEO link building strategies that will help me to rank my sites on the front page of Google. One way I love about RSS backlinking strategies is that you can turn any pages into RSS feed and then submit to the RSS aggregators so that you will gain a backlink from those high page rank sites.

You might be aware that RSS is only available to your blog posts but not pages and also definitely not for static html site. So, what do you do with your pages and static html sites? Can you take advantage of RSS backlinking to these pages? The answer is …. YES!

There are quite a number of sites that allow you to convert any pages to RSS feed, and I found the following are great for static html sites:


For pages on WordPress, you can use a free plugin – RSS Includes Pages to automatically include pages in the RSS.

Just register any one of the following and you can turn any pages you desire to RSS feed. After that you simply the RSS URL and submit to RSS aggregators to gain massive backlinks to your site. I have listed some RSS aggregators that you can submit your RSS URL below:

RSS Aggregators List

I’ve been using a software – Web Traffic Genius to automatically submit each RSS feed to around 15 RSS aggregator sites, so save me lots of time to do it manually.

2nd Tier Backlinks

Apart from building backlinks from those RSS aggregators, I love to use them to build 2nd tier backlinks, i.e. backlink to a backlink to make sure my backlinks are indexed by Google and at the meantime to boost the link juice of my backlinks. This is particularly useful for profile links. If you have built those high PR profile links, you might notice that they take very long time to get indexed and in some cases, they are just not indexed. Any backlinks that are not indexed are dead links.

What I normally do is to turn those profile links into RSS feeds and submit them to RSS aggregators. This will ensure those profile links are indexed so that your effort (or your VA’s effort) won’t be wasted.

Your Said

How do you use RSS to your advantage? Feel free to drop me a comment below :)

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

10 Responses to “RSS Backlink Traffic”
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  1. Pinjaman says:

    I recently started to learn more about RSS Feed and had used Google Reader to create RSS Feed for my website and then submitted it to Feed Burner. However Google Reader seemed to have stop the feed creating service now. I am still in the middle of looking for a feed creator. I will follow your suggestion and try out the two feed creator services which you mentioned above. Nice to come to your site.

  2. What a joyful surprise to see my blog mentioned on your list, Ming. Thanks for that.

    I use RSS feeds in a similar way – to keep a track on some of my favorite blogs. My problem (like Steve who commented above) is that I have too many and therefore don’t actually get to follow up on most of the new posts on each.

    I could cleanse the list a bit, but I somehow prefer to have an eye on a borad range of quality blogs and pick out the posts that grab or interest me the most to read and comment upon.

    I’ve used RSS Aggregators for some time as well – it’s a brilliant way to build backlinks and over time has a massive effect on your overall site SEO. Haven’t used an automatic submitter though, I’ll have to check that out.

    Great that you also mention 2nd tier backlinking – this is a failry advanced strategy (at least from where I’m standing) – definitely a topic that deserves some elaboration and further explanation I reckon (post idea?)

    Thanks again mate, interesting stuff here as always…
    Jym | Bloggers Alchemy recently posted..SEOPressor: Why I threw a $47 WordPress Plugin into the Trash

  3. Surely and truly Ming Jong, you know what your readers want and this makes you a successful blogger, giving it to them at the right time. RSS Feed is one great back link strategies that work successfully. I love your unique strategies and writing. Keep up the good work
    Henry @ recently posted..Tutorial: How to Create Blogs Using Blogspot

  4. Henry Bolden says:

    Informative post Ming Jong. I really need to get started with implementing Rss into my backlinking methods. Time has really been a killer for me lately. Your post should help many who lacks an understanding of building backlinks using Rss.

  5. RSS is definitely great on both sides of the fence. It can give you those nice links and it is a great way to keep up with the blogs you enjoy. Anytime I find a new good blog into the feed reader it goes. Otherwise chances are i would never find my way back.

    (although with about 150 blogs in my feedreader…even that can get out of control)
    Steve@Earn Money Online recently posted..71 Web Copywriting “Hidden Gems” (or How to Create the ULTIMATE Copywriting Swipe File)

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