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If you have been searching on Google, you might notice some of the author pictures are shown in the search engine result pages (SERPs), like below:


This is the power of Google authorship! It allows your picture to show up in the SERPs for the content written by you.

During the incipient phase of Google authorship, I have been trying hard to get it hard coded on my sites, which involves some html knowledge and lots of trial and error because I am not tech savvy in html, dealing with rel=author tag or adding a byline for all my blog posts.

You have probably been through that and end up buying a plugin to help you setup the Google authorship, basically just to add in a html code (link back to your Google Profile) on all pages that you would like your picture to show up.

Google Authorship Advantages

One obvious advantage is the distinction look of your web pages with your picture that are shown up in Google SERPs, which differentiate from the rest of the sites that are not optimized with Google Authorship. This is one of the overlooked SEO techniques that contributes to the SEO signal because the outstanding look will greatly increase the click through rate from the SERPs.

Another SEO factor is the author rank, which Google is taking into account when ranking a site. If the articles / blog posts of the author are getting a lot of social sharing signal (i.e. Facebook Like, Tweets, Google plus, etc…) and traffic, the author will gain more trust from Google, which will help in the ranking a web page by the author.

People love to see the associated author when they browse the results on SERPs simply because that adds a trust level to the content they are about to check out.

Adding rel=author With WordPress SEO Plugin

Thanks to the WordPress SEO plugin, it is it only takes 3 steps to setup the Google authorship on your blog. To make this work, you will need to install WordPress SEO plugin and setup Google plus profile with a picture.

Step 1: Inside WordPress Dashboard, under Users > Your Profile, fill in your Google profile link, as shown in the snapshot:


After that, under WordPress SEO plugin, choose Titles and metas, select Home tab > Author Metadata, choose the user that should be used for the rel=author on the blog homepage.

Step 2: Inside your Google plus account > Profile. Edit the about tab, add your site (author page or home page) under the contributor section. If you have done some guest posting on other people’s blog, you should point it back to the author page.

GooglePlus Contributor

Step 3: Make sure your +1 tab are set to public on your Google Profile. You can easily set to public by choosing Profile > Edit Profile, click on +1’s tab, check “Show this tab on your profile”, Save. Then click “Done Editing”

If you are not using WordPress, you can also add the following code (remember to change it to your Google Profile) on the page your would like your picture to associate with:

<link rel=”author” href=”″/>

Feel free to check out the methods by Google.

Testing With Google Rich Snippets Tool

Once you have done that, you can use the Google rich snippets tool to test the Google authorship you just setup. Below is a snapshot of my blog shown using the tool:

Google Rich Snippets Tool

When you have seen the green verified button plus a preview of your page, you are done. Just wait patiently for a few weeks before it takes effect and show on the SERPs.

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To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

36 Responses to “Setup Google Authorship rel=author In 5 Minutes”
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  1. Hey Ming, thank you so much for this tutorial, though a lot of updates have been made to wordpress seo and it doesn’t look exactly the way it was when you thought it, but it was really helpful. thanks to you.

    • Ming Jong says:

      Hey Okechukwu,

      You are right. There was so many updates for WordPress SEO. There will have some minor changes however, just follow the keypoints you will get your Google authorship up and running.

  2. Will says:

    Thanks a lot Ming. I was trying to activate Google authorship for a long time without any results. After reading your post yesterday I replaced All in One SEO with WordPress SEO. And voila! My authorship was ready. By the way, I have bought the kindle version of your two books. I am going through them right now. Keep up the good work.

  3. Neil Ferree says:

    Setting up Google Authorship is a lot easier nowadays than it was before. Only the G+ ppl who have been adding content to their authorship code, I wonder if they have an advantage?
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Dominate Page 1 Search Results using Social SEO

  4. hiren says:

    hi ming
    nice article and very helpful with me i think its easiest way for google author ship for website. thanks for sharing.
    hiren recently posted..UP Basic Education Board Recruitment 2013 | Apply Online for 29334 Assistant Teacher Posts

  5. Jamela Saif says:

    Thanks a lot for the information on Google Authorship. This is way easy and time saving.

  6. richard says:

    I spoke too soon. :), i got it done, thank you again dear sir :)
    richard recently posted..Are you lacking motivation?

  7. richard says:

    Are you sure these instructions are up to date? I can’t seem to edit my “about’ on my google+ account to add my website… Any suggestions please.? I have entered my google profile into the seo plugin – that’s fine.

  8. Always wondered about this – now I know !
    Ming Jong, thanks, another great post and you’ve made it so easy.

  9. Anurag says:

    I was like, woaah. Google Authorship is just 5 mins and tried it. It worked like a charm, thanks a lot for awesome tip :)

  10. Matt says:

    Thanks dude, I was pumped when I saw it.

  11. Matt says:

    I set this up a few weeks ago and my img has just started showing up in results, they look fantastic. Thanks for the tutorial Ming!

  12. Great tutorial. I try it in my personal blog and it’s work. Thanks Ming
    Steven Wijaya recently posted..Tips Mengamankan WordPress

  13. This is too good, I tend to wait for about a month or so in order to get Google Authorship. Most of the people tend to praise it a lot as it appears to me as a myth that Authorship will have priority aspects over search, but again I didn’t find much of the advantage about it, but yes it depends on the meta description and other things that we try to promote.

    Thanks once again for the tip. #Salute :)
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 [Whats your Choice?]

  14. Mary McLean says:

    Sounds like a fantastic plugin Ming Jong. Is it possible to use this on Blogger?

    I have a wordpress blog which does not allow plugins.
    Mary McLean recently posted..The secret to Living your dream is inside your mind

  15. Ivan Aliku says:

    I’m a complete novice to this and I’m yet to begin using WordPress. But I know what importance it would be to have your picture appear beside a link from your site. It would really give you much popularity and exposure to both the author and the site. Imagine seeing an author’s site on search engine and them you see the same picture somewhere like a social media, you surely would follow up the author because you like his style of writing. And to be sincere, Linkedin liked e to your blog and immediately I saw you on twitter I was like “Whao! That’s him” and I followed. I will recommend this which means I need to implement it soon.
    Thanks for putting up such a great work.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Successful Article

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Ivan Aliku: Hey Ivan, you can also add in the html code (as I show in the post) yourself if you are not using WordPress. What WordPress SEO Plugin does for us is to simply add the html code under for every blog post and page we created.

      You gave a good point, to associate the author picture shown up in SERPs and other social media platforms like Linkedin, FB, Twitter, etc…This is powerful given that almost everyone spend time on one social media platform everyday.

      Look forward to seeing your picture on SERPs :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Create Killer Content On Your Blogs – Content Rules

  16. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    Google Authorship is just brilliant. It helps in getting top rankings in Search Engine. Also, it improves blog traffic too. :)

    Recently, I got a mail from Google about Authorship.. I was very much happy because I was the last to receive that mail from Google among all my fellow friends.

    Anyways, great blog post bro! :)

  17. Salman says:

    This is a pretty easy way of setting up google authorship… Thanks for the share!
    Salman recently posted..Nokia Lumia 510: The Cheapest Lumia Series Handset

  18. bbrian017 says:

    You know I’ve been meaning to do this but I haven’t had time to actually sit down and read an article that explained it! Thanks for sharing this Ming it’s perfect timing and it seems your tutorial is nice and easy which is one thing I was waiting or looking for. This is 100% on my list of things to do as I move forward into the week. Just the fact alone Google is taking this into consideration really lights a fire under me making me really want to get this done and sorted for Blog Engage,.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Blogging Tips To Keep Your Motor Running

  19. Alex Newell says:

    Thanks for the Google Author info Ming.

    Problem is that Yoast’s plugin, WordPress SEO, is seriously difficult and confusing because it has so many technical options. And yes I know he has tons of info on his site…

    You don’t have a guide for it do you?

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Alex Newell: Hi Alex, WordPress SEO plugin definitely contains a dozen of functions that I am not aware of. Initially, I only use it to amend the Meta title, description for my blog post. A few months ago, Yoast incorporated the rel=author to his plugin and I think this is definitely a great way to simplify the process.

      Anyway, don’t get confused by the plugin. It is not a must to get all out from it. Just use it as you wish. To me, only to amend the meta title and description. Some people will use it to check the keyword density and some on page SEO factors.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Market Samurai Review – Must Use Features Plus 35% Discount

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