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As the number of my blog posts grows, I think it is time to dedicate a page to help you to better navigate this blog and get the best out from it. For those of you who are fairly new in internet marketing, blogging or any kind of online business that intend to make money, you are in the right place.

In order to start to make money online, you must understand various internet marketing strategies and how to start an online business. This is the place where I will show you how to start an online business, the required tools, skillsets, knowledge in a step by step manner with my blog posts and other useful resources, even you don’t have any experience. So, here we go!

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If you are totally new about internet marketing and don’t have any clue on how you can start an online business, just click here to grab a free copy of my buyer keywords hunter report. Inside you will learn how you can generate profit using proven affiliate marketing model, my secret sources to pull in free traffic and the most important steps for affiliate marketing in detail. This will give you some good foundation about starting an online business with affiliate marketing.

Online Marketing Model

Subsequently, check out the following 2 posts about the marketing models that you can adopt:

1) Online Marketing-4 Monetization Models

2) 3 Proven Affiliate Marketing Models You Must Know Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

Although I touched on the 4 monetization models for online marketing, I have mainly focused on affiliate marketing. However, the techniques to drive traffic for any of the online marketing model is still the same.

Profile of Your Prospects

Before you start your online business, you must first understand the profile of your prospects. If you understand, it makes a lot of sense on things like keyword research and market research. Although I have laid out the process of doing both in my Buyer Keywords Hunter report, I encourage you to read the following post to understand the rationale behind the keywords selection process and what you should do when you are in other online monetization model apart from affiliate marketing.

Do You Target Buyers or Information Seekers?

How To Build A Website?

This is one of the popular questions that a lot of people (including me) ask when they first get started an online business. This is also one of the most important step for you to step out to start your online business. Fortunately, this is getting very easy given the technology nowadays. You can easily get your first website up and running within 10 minutes without programming skill. Sounds good?

All you need is 2 thing, domain and hosting. Domain is just like your office address where people can find you and hosting is like the office space itself where you can store your stuff. One of the greatest thing to start an online business is the cost. It is incredibly low comparing to the brick and mortal business. A domain will cost you around $10 per year and a hosting account starts from $4/month.

I have recorded a video to show you the full process on how to start a blog from scratch where you I show you the full process to buy a domain name from Namecheap, buy a hosting from Hostgator, change the DNS to the Hostgator name server and to setup your blog with Hostgator Cpanel Fantastico Deluxe (including publish your first post and change the theme):

Get your domain name from Namecheap and apply Hostgator coupon code: warriorsdeal25 when you sign up with Hostgator for your hosting.

You can also skip to watch the separate video below if you have done part of the process.

1. If you read my Buyer Keywords Hunter report, you should have come up ideas about the domain you are going to purchase. Visit and proceed to buy your domain. Watch the video below where I show you how to register a domain name with Namecheap:

Click here to get your domain name from Namecheap.

2. Next you need to decide on your hosting account (I use Hostgator). Check out the video below on how I select a reliable hosting account based on the 6 criteria and how to use the coupon code to sign up Hostgator to save you 25% of the package you selected.

Click here to get your hosting from Hostgator with Hostgator coupon code – warriorsdeal25.

After you sign up with Hostgator, you will receive an email from Hostgator containing the username, password and domain name servers. You will need to input the domain name servers in Namecheap.

3. Point the Domain Name Server (DNS) to your Hostgator account

After you login to your Name Cheap account. Navigate to My Account > Manage Domain on your upper right hand corner. Then select the domain you just purchased. After that, on the left hand side bar, click on the Domain Name Server Setup and fill in the name server detail you received from Hostgator email and save changes. Refer to the snapshot below for setting up the domain name server if unclear:

Setup Domain Name Server

Now, you have successfully point the domain name server to your hosting account. However, sometimes you might need to wait for a 12-24 hours before it takes effect. Watch the video below to see the process of changing DNS in Namecheap:

4. Login to your Hostgator cpanel account and setup your Blog

You can now login to your cpanel account at to setup your blog. In the Hostgator cpanel, click Fantastico Deluxe under software/services. Select WordPress on the left hand side bar, click New Installation. Select your domain name you purchased from the drop down menu and fill in your admin username and password (where you need them to login to your WordPress site) and click “Install WordPress”. Then click on “Finish Installation”.

Congratulation, now you are done with WordPress installation and have your website up and running! You can now login to your website powered by WordPress via (just replace with your domain name).

Mastering WordPress And Create Your Post

At this stage, you should have your website powered by WordPress, up and running. WordPress is an user friendly content management system where you can use it as a blog or static website with the ease of updating your content. You can either play around with WordPress yourself to create your first post or refer to my 30 WordPress Mastery Videos where you can simply follow the step by step video tutorial to master WordPress.

Before you start cranking out content in your blog, you might need to read the following posts to empower your blogging effort:

1) 13 Free Plugins To Turbo Charge Your WordPress Blog

2) How I Quadruple The Speed Of My Page Load Time In Minutes

3) On Page SEO – 10 Essential Factors You Must Apply

Once you have generated some content on your site, you need to start driving traffic so that more people will discover your awesome work.

Write Killer Content

No matter what business model you choose, create killer content is essential for your business. I have crafted out a few blog posts in relation to killer content creation and blueprint on crafting out converting web copy where you can apply in various aspects such as offline presentation pitching, normal conversation, blog posts, video, etc…

1) How To Create Killer Content On Your Blogs – Content Rules

2) 5 Simple Steps To Write A Converting Web Copy

3) How & Why Storytelling Can Benefit Every Blogger And Marketer?


There are just so many ways to drive traffic to your site, either free or paid, so I highly recommend you to pick some of the strategies below and implement them. Master at least 1 or 2 techniques before you move forward to another.

This is crucial as I have seen too many people jumping around and looking for the next shiny “underground push button method” so that they can receive flood of traffic overnight. However, eventually they simply give up because they didn’t master any of the traffic technique. Take some time to read, understand and implement the traffic techniques from the posts below:


1) How To Get Backlinks To Rank A New Site – The Right Way

2) Off Page SEO – 12 Awesome Techniques To Build Backlink To Your Website Part 1 

3) Get Tons of Traffic From Press Release

4) Proven Link Wheel Strategy That Will Protect Your Site

5) Setup Google Authorship rel=author In 5 Minutes

Tools That Will Automate & Supercharge Your SEO Link Building Effort

1) Market Samurai Review – Features You Must You Plus 35% Discount

Ninja Traffic (proven ways) You Should Leverage On

1) 21 High Traffic Sites For You To Increase Traffic And Promote Your Blog

2) Traffic To Your Opt In Page With Two Evergreen Traffic Strategies

3) 5 Proven Tactics To Drive Traffic Using Forum Marketing

4) Blog Commenting Etiquette – 5 Tips To Get Your Comments Approved Every time

5) Instant Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

6) 10 Proven Free Website Traffic To Promote Your Websites

7) My Top Social Media Traffic Sources

8) How To Get More Traffic Out From Your Existing Content

List Building

After you are gaining momentum of the traffic to your site and generate a few sales, you should definitely take your business to the next level by building your own list. I am using Aweber to build a list. Read the posts below to learn more about list building:

1) Create Your List Building Machine With These 6 Solid Tips

2) 4 Easy Ways To Harness Your Email List To Pay Your Bill

3) Why Most People Fail At List Building? 5 Deadly List Building Mistakes You Must Avoid

4) How AWeber Stands Out From The Rest of Autoresponders?

5) Free List Building Plugin That Will Increase CTR And Opt In Rate

6) 3 Techniques to Convert Blog Traffic And Build A List Effectively

Rinse And Repeat

This is how you can start an online business from scratch. You can duplicate the process by starting another niche or even scale up your business by driving more traffic to your site. Though it takes time and effort to start your online business, the potential of the reward is unlimited.

Now you know what to do with all the resources. You have two choices, which you can either put it on hold because you are way too busy or with any excuse you can come up with, or you can take your first step to move forward to build your online business. Rome is not built in a single day. A single baby step everyday is powerful enough to get you going to pursue your dream and get on the roller coaster of a successful online journey.

Most importantly, after you read the posts above, feel free to leave me a comment to share your thoughts, experience or any questions if you have, and I will try my best to answer them within 48 hours.


To our success,

Ming Jong Tey

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