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Blogging is very popular and a lot of the people starting up an online business generally go for the blogging route. Blogging indeed is a great way to get started and I totally agree to start from blogging in the online business mainly because it is easier to attract traffic (comparing to a squeeze page) and it is your headquarter where you can do pretty much anything you want for your online business including feeding quality content to your customers, subscribers and prospects, promoting products or even do a product launching.

However, one of the challenges that I am facing is the conversion of the blog traffic. Though you can get a lot of traffic to your blog, the critical part is how you convert the traffic within your blog else the traffic will be wasted. It is always a good idea to define the objectives for your blog and every single blog post.

Convert Blog Traffic

Objectives of Blogging

1. Gain Readership

Every blogger dreams to gain readership. One of the best ways is to build a list or at least RSS subscription. Personally, I will always stick to list building comparing`to RSS subscription because you can have personal touch with your readers when you build a list.

2. Send Traffic

If you are promoting a product, one of the best ways is to review a product in your blog. Once your readers get more information about the product and they are interested to check out of the product, they will need to visit the official product site via your affiliate link. So, if this is the objective of the blog post, you would like people to click the link to visit the product’s site.

Conversion Problem

Generally, sending traffic is not so much an issue in blogging because all you need to do is to add your link and optimize the call to action to in#rease the click through rate. The problem always lies on the first objective, which is to capture the readership so that you can expect returning visitors to your site. Whenever you have updated a new post, you can send an email to your list and inform them in your email.

Due to the nature and layout of a blog, the opt in rate is significantly lower than a typical squeeze page. Take a look here if you have no idea what a traditional squeeze page looks like. Depending on the on the traffic sources, a traditional squeeze page can have an opt in rate of around 30-80%, which means that for a 100 people visiting the squeeze page, around 30-80 people will subscribe.

Unlike a squeeze page, a blog contains a lot other “distractions”, such as sidebar, advertisement, other popular blog posts, social sharing buttons, etc…The more features the blog contains, the more distractions people have. When a person visit a squeeze page, he only has 2 options, opt in or leave the page. For blog, he has too many options such as to leave a comment, to share your post, to read other blog posts, to check out some advertisement on the sidebar, etc… So, opt in rate will be significantly lower.

How To Convert The Blog Traffic?

1. Sidebar, Header And Footer

One of the easiest ways is to put an opt in box with AWeber or GetResponse at the side bar or at the header/footer for people to opt in. Of course, before adding the opt in form in any other form, you will need to come out with a freebie as a lead magnet. Without a freebie, it is a lot harder to persuade people to subscribe to your list since people can check out your blog posts any time they wish. So, it is crucial to give people an appealing reason to opt in and subscribe to your list.

2. Pop Up

I know a lot of you will probably frown upon hearing this. The fact is pop up is effective and that’s why it is widely used in blogs and sales page until now. There is premium plugin like Premium List Magnet you can use or you can even use AWeber to generate pop ups for free.

3. Signature

Another way is to add an opt in box at the end of each of your blog post to increase the opt in rate. One of the impressive plugins that do a good job is Optin Skin, which has the split test ability built in. Check out the short video to see how it works.

Or you can customize a signature like I did for my blog posts, which leads to a squeeze page. This is a brilliant way to convert your blog traffic to subscribers. I implement this graphic signature smoothly thanks to the video instruction from this post by my friend, Steve Scott.

Generally, these are a few techniques I am using and testing to convert blog traffic to subscribers. What are your thoughts about these? Do you use any of them or is there something else you are using? Feel free to leave me a comment below to share your views.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

14 Responses to “Blogging Traffic – Convert Your Blog Traffic”
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  1. Ivan Aliku says:

    Oh yes. That’s where the list building comes into play. I once started it but gave it a pause because I want to change my blogging platform. I will bounce back to it cos I really see I’m missing a lot. :( but not to worry, I have some experience in it…:)
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  2. Ivan Aliku says:

    I truly agree with you on the issue that blogging has become so popular that nearly everyone has one. Driving traffic and making these visitor return could be a bit tricky if some smart steps are not followed. Like you pointed out, email RSS subscription and list building seem to be one of the most effective ways to staying connected with your blog readers. You will have their undivided attention through this method. I don’t like pop-up ads but I feel adding a signature to your emails would also convert much. Another method I found helpful is the idea of featuring your most active readers or commenter. This way, people would be very happy to see information about them published on your blog and you’d succeed in making it a competition between your readers if your blog is popular. I also think guest blogging on a popular blog is another powerful way to convert traffic and get more blog readers.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Ivan Aliku: Pop up is one of the controversial methods. I don’t like it either but due to its effectiveness, I am using it on my site as it converts at around 5%, which is a lot better than my sidebar.

      Good tip on featuring the top active list of commenters (you will sure be included, lol). I think there is plugin to automatically list out the top commenter. I might give it a go soon.

      Guess blogging is a powerful way to get traffic but in terms of converting the traffic, we really need to do something like collect the email else the traffic will be wasted.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How & Why Storytelling Can Benefit Every Blogger And Marketer?

  3. Aditya says:

    Conversion is one of the major aspects that every entrepreneur must consider. Pop-ups used to be one of the effective aspects initially, but they are considered as annoying stuff for marketing now a days. I accept that other things are pretty useful and plays crucial role in conversion :)

  4. Marie says:

    Hi MJ, I notice you put your social bookmarks different way, can u show me how?! Thank you :-)

  5. Becca says:

    Hi Ming! Thanks for another informative and useful post you have shared. I learned a lot from your blog and in your page. Which is really a great help for me as a newbie. thanks :)

  6. Chadrack says:

    Truly traffic conversion can be tasking if you don’t know what to do. However, the first thing is really know your purpose. Is it repeat readers you are looking for or potential clients who will use your service? Without defining this from the on-set will only result in wasting precious time pursuing those who are not really interested in what you are promoting.

    Thanks for sharing.

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