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It has been a while since last Wednesday. I was busy with my other niche sites and also doing some testing and tracking for my new campaign. At the meantime, I am glad to let you know that my fan page for my blog, just went live yesterday :)

I have recorded 2 videos to walk you through how I create my customized fan page in just minutes using the free apps from Facebook. There are a number of the paid software out there to help you to build customized fan page, but I decided to do it using the free apps.

Create Fan Page

Customize Fan Page

In these 2 video below, you will learn how to:

  1. Create a fan page.
  2. Maximize the profile of your fan page.
  3. The benefit of a customized fan page.
  4. Create fan page gate lock for fans only.
  5. Customize welcome tab using free apps (Static HTML: iframe tabs)
  6. Set your customized welcome page as default landing instead of walls.

Leave me a comment below to share with your experience, suggestion or anything you would like to tell me about fan page. Also, I appreciate if you can support my newly built fan page by liking it.

Here is my newly built fan page –> Click “Like” on Ming Jong Tey Fan Page. In exchange, you will receive 30 WordPress Mastery Videos for free.

This WordPress tutorial will help you to master WordPress and is handy for reference. I am currently offering both personal right and Master Resale Right for this WordPress Mastery Video Series at the cost of a pizza. Feel free to grab the master resale right too while it is still cheap.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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