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By 30 March 2012, all existing Facebook pages will be automatically changed to the new timeline design. I’ve just revised my Facebook Page to suit the timeline format last week and I will summarize the major changes of this Facebook Timeline and how you can easily change it before it is too late (less than 2 days to go) in this post.

To be honest, I still prefer the old Facebook page because of the customized landing page feature, which is great for marketing your fanpage.  The timeline for Facebook pages, consist of several key features, which are cover image (851 x 315 pixels), profile image (180 x 180 pixels), apps tabs (111 x 74 pixels) and mile stone, as shown below:

Timeline for Facebook page

Landing Page For Timeline?

Unfortunately, no customized landing page (by default) is allowed in the new timeline, which means that you can’t use it to engage and interact with your fans to encourage them to like the fanpage. You can however use apps such as static html: iframe tabs to create a landing page and link to your fanpage in the apps area. This is shown in my fanpage, where I have a tab (Free WordPress Mastery Video) with a video logo, which is a customized landing page for people to download a series of 30 videos to learn more about WordPress.

One thing about the cover image, Facebook has some restriction on it and you should comply to the guideline. No promotion, advertisements, contact information such as website, email, phone number, etc…References to user interface (or any other Facebook site features) such as “Like” or “Share” and call to action (i.e. Click Like, Spread The Word., etc…) are also not allowed (yeah, that sucks…). So, no more big arrow with strong call to action pointing to the like button! You can easily create a cover image together with your profile picture using free resource like

Timeline cover restriction

So, where can we place our information, at least a website URL, right? That only left us to the about area, where you can type a few sentence with your clickable website URL displayed, as shown in my fanpage. Also, you can use some apps to link to your RSS, Twitter, YouTube account, etc…which will be shown in the apps area.

The profile image will be shown every time you update your wall or comment on other pages. This can be a good marketing tool because your brand will be seen by the users every time you made an update or comment. So, use it wisely to promote your brand or site.

Generally, the landing page will be your wall together with the cover image and apps tabs. There are a few new features on the wall, which is highlight and pin to top.

Highlight & Pin To Top

The highlight is shown in a star logo and the pin-to-top function is under the edit button, which you can see below:

highlight pin to top

When you click on highlight, what it does, is to double the width of the wall update. You might want to use it if you have certain update that would like to draw more attention. For Pin to Top, it will basically move the wall update location to the top to get more attraction. These 2 functions are very easy to use.

The other part is mile stone, on the right hand side upper corner, which you can also edit add in the milestone you think is important to your business or blog. I haven’t updated the milestone but this can be easily done by clicking Milestone on the top of your fanpage and add in the image (843 x 403 pixels) to represent the milestone.

Timeline Milestone

This is main feature of the new timeline for Facebook pages. There might be some other features that you can explore yourself (such as to change the icon of the apps tabs, etc…) which you can just switch your fanpage to the timeline feature, preview it and play around with it. If you don’t do it within the next 2 days, it will also automatically be changed to the timeline look. So, I encourage you to have at least a cover image up and 1 or 2 apps that you would like to show case.

Your Voice

Have you changed your fanpage to the timeline look? Is there any other great resources you would like to recommend? Feel free to leave your comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

16 Responses to “Facebook Pages Timeline – Are Your Fanpages Ready?”
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  1. Tremendous exploration and explanation of each and every aspect. I came to know new usages that Timeline for Fan Pages are providing us.

  2. Mohsin Ali says:

    Timeline is the very beautiful step taken by the Facebook. I have created very stylish and attractive banner for my blog fan page with click here arrow.
    Mohsin Ali recently posted..Giveaway Get Free Norton AntiVirus 2012 Product Keys

  3. Excellent overview of how to fix up our fan pages, Ming.

    I certainly needed this information. Now, let me go try to apply some of the techniques you showed me.

    MY fan page sorely needs a face-lift! Thanks.
    David Merrill recently posted..Blogging For Dollars | Earn While You Learn

  4. shenoyjoseph says:

    can anyone how to remove facebook page timeline i don’t like it :(
    shenoyjoseph recently posted..Micromax Funbook Review Specs Price in India

  5. Becca says:

    What i like most in the new timeline is the Pin to Top. I regularly pinning my favorite DIY
    and other blogs that i am really interested.

  6. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Ming,
    I still havenot changed my fanpage to the timeline look because I am comfortable with the present look but you know by the time changings are necessary therefore I will change it soon.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Men’s Gold Rings Throughout History

  7. shenoyjoseph says:

    i don’t like facebook timeline and now it comes to facebook pages too. I was too unhappy by this update from facebook. :(
    shenoyjoseph recently posted..Download Free Angry Birds Space for Windows XP and 7 PC’s

  8. Jaz says:

    yeah. I am now using timeline. it’s cool and unique. i am up to the milestone. Never see that at all..

    thanks for sharing!

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