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I understand that forum marketing is old school technique and probably not a “shiny method” among tons of traffic generating strategies. However, it is still one of the proven and reliable methods that can increase traffic of your sites.

Ever wish to have an unconventional traffic source that pump traffic to your money campaigns on autopilot? I have personally use this traffic source until today and you will get my exact profitable niches and campaign here.

Why Forum Marketing

1. Permanent Traffic

We all know that traffic is the life blood of the business and it does cost money and effort to generate traffic. The great thing about forum marketing traffic is that it is permanent traffic. The thread you create or reply in the forum will generally stay permanently (as long as the forum exists) and keep generating traffic to your site day in day out.

2. Free Traffic

What’s better than free? Forum marketing is generally free for everyone (though some of the forum might require you to pay a membership fee for some sections). You really don’t need to spend a dime to get started to drive traffic to your site.

3. Targeted Traffic

Forum is an online community that gather people with the same interest to share information. For example, people visiting to BabyPips Forum are interested in Forex. This is extremely beneficial for us to drive traffic from this forum to a Forex related site because they are targeted visitors. You don’t really need to worry about the quality of the traffic sources.

forum thread

Does Forum Marketing Still Work?

Some people might try forum marketing before and eventually give up. Why is that? Most of the time is because of using wrong strategy or don’t even know the proper way to market through forum. I am sure you have seen replied thread like “Great posts”, “Thank you”, “Nice”, etc… The person who left this kind of response in the thread just hope to gain some traffic via the signature link or simply just for the sake of backlinking.

That’s what a lot of people are doing in the forum and they just claim that forum marketing does not work anymore. Do they provide value to the thread by leaving those kind of response? Just think logically, do you think people will be interested to find out more from you by clicking through your signature link for those response? Definitely no.

Forum Marketing Techniques

Forum Marketing Tips

1. Find Fresh Questions

Generally, all the forums consists of different section. You can easily browse through the threads that no one (or very few) has replied yet and provide your opinions with valuable tips to them. It will be even better if you can target the questions closely related to your offer in signature. Let’s say if your site is related to SEO, you should target the threads with SEO related matters.

You can expect almost immediate traffic to your site if your signature is attractive enough.

2. Signature

This is extremely important in forum marketing because you rely on your signature to drive traffic to your website. If you would like to attract people interested in SEO, you could put a link in your signature such as “Click Here to download my 7 SEO techniques that dominate Google in 3 days [only 30 minutes a day]“.  In your response thread, you should provide valuable information and tips but also shouldn’t throw out every single detail. This way, you can lead them to click through your signature to find out more if they want to. This is how you drive traffic via your signature.

3. Start a Thread

Replying threads is good. However, once you have 10 or 20 posts that allow you to start a new thread (each forum has its own requirement about starting new thread), you should do that. So, what’s the content in your thread? I will say target the solutions to common problems that people are looking for in the forum.

For example, if people are looking for traffic methods most of the time on forum, you can compile a list of traffic methods with useful resources links in your new thread and ask people to add in whatever they know. This type of round up thread will usually get lots of response and exposure.

Tips: If you have been blogging, you can actually recycle the content of your blog and rewrite a bit and then post it on forum. This way you can save your time and effort in content generating.

4. Scale Up

Once you start gaining some traffic from a forum, you can scale up your forum marketing effort by posting to a few more forums. You can easily find tons of forum in your niche at Boardreader and Omgili.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Do this consistently and you will see increment of traffic from different forums on different threads. Remember that a lot of your old threads are also searched and read by others who are looking for information on the forum. So, both your old and new threads will keep generating you consistent traffic.

Make sure to respond to any queries people raised up in your thread. The more replies and views in a thread, the more it will attract people to check it out. Hence you will receive more traffic to your site.

Your Voice

What’s your view on forum marketing? How do you tap on the traffic using forum? Love to know your thoughts. Feel free to drop me  a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

30 Responses to “5 Proven Tactics To Drive Traffic Using Forum Marketing”
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  1. D. Dixon says:

    I had tried forum marketing a while back and it turned out to be just a not-so-great spammy experience that I was totally turned off. I’m willing to seriously check out Warrior Forums because I’m more serious about what I want to accomplish these days.
    D. Dixon recently posted..Basic SEO Checklist: 7 Blog Traffic Tips To Keep In Mind

  2. Hi Ming,

    This is one of the best and well laid-out posts I read about forum marketing. I joined the Warrior Forum a moth ago and will keep your tips in mind. I especially like your tip #3 Start a Thread.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great forum marketing tips …

    Agree with you that one should find fresh questions to which there are no or very few replies to contribute our tips and tricks !!
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted..Nokia Lumia 800 Review

  4. Hi Ming,

    Very comprehensive post! For forums, signature links matters if you’re a proven expert for a particular topic. People tend to click your links more frequently than normal users. If you’re only posting on forums to build links, you might first check if it’s do follow :)


  5. It’s like you read my mind with this one. I have been trying to figure out if forums are worth it and if so how to use them.

    Thanks Ming.

  6. Hi Ming Jong, good post. Sometimes the good old-fashioned methods work. In fact, I advocate to my members to just do some basic marketing (forums, article marketing, pillar posts) to start building traffic. The key is consistency. I find I don’t visit enough forums on a regular enough basis, perhaps it’s better to have 4 or 5 and visit them every day over a six month period? Having said that…..
    I’ve just compiled a big list of forums and blogs and plan to work through the list every week so at least I’m contributing regularly. Do you have a system like that?
    Cassie | womenswaytowealth recently posted..Stop Promoting Your Social Media Profiles On Your Site At The Expense Of Your Email List

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Cassie | womenswaytowealth: Hi Cassie, focus on consistency. I totally agree with you. Just like everything else, it takes time and effort to involve and engage in the forum to drive traffic to the site. If anyone can set make around 5 posts a day, consistently for a month, I am sure there will be tons of traffic coming in!

      It is a good way to have a list of forum to work through. I only active in a few forums, Warriors, DP and HonestWorkFromHomeSuccess. The keys are to be helpful and consistent in the forum:)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Financial Freedom – Your Dream Come True?

  7. Ileane says:

    Hi Ming, I joined the Website Babble forum over a year ago and I learned a lot since I’ve been there. Now that I have more experience it feels good to give back to the new users when they join. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Ileane recently posted..Promote Your Guest Posts The CommentLuv Way

  8. Ming Jong says:

    @Steven: Bingo, Steven. Most of the forums allow you to have multiple line of signature. You can have some description with your keyword anchored backlink in the signature to gain direct traffic and backlinks. Each post (reply or new thread) is a backlink and traffic source.
    Ming Jong recently posted..Watch Out If You Are Using All In One SEO & Why I Use WordPress SEO

  9. Steven says:

    So, must post more and have the signature, right ? More posts mean more page with my link (signature), and all of them is backlinks
    Steven recently posted..Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) Review

  10. Steven says:

    I have many forum account. About 30 forums, but I think I do not have do effective for those all accounts yet.

    I just use the forum to get backlinks from forum profiles.
    Steven recently posted..Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) Review

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Steven: Hi Steven, on top of the forum profiles, you can also gain lots of backlinks from the signature. The backlinks effect can be scaled via the no. of posts. However, I’d prefer the direct traffic (be it immediate or long term) from the forum. For profiles links, I generally outsource to get them done.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Instant Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

  11. Ming,

    great tips. Forum marketing something I’ve never done enough of. While I have some experience it is always been a very basic level. I’ve never utilized enough to really gain any authority within the forums themselves. but I like your enthusiasm and it may have to take another look at these, because I do agree that there is a lot of potential if and when this tactic is done the right way.
    Steve@Earn Money Online recently posted..Make Passive Income Online: 6 Strategies for Making Money on the Internet

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Steve@Earn Money Online: Hi Steve, forum marketing is one of the easiest way to get started to drive traffic. On top of that, it certainly gives you plenty of chance to brand yourself. People usually listen to what a senior forum member has to say about certain thing (i.e. a review of Clickbank products, products in the buy, sell, trade section). Having said that, I am not saying all those advise are great (you can tell by 1 look which of them are given from a marketer point of view, lol) but certainly will help to build up authority in your niche.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Optimize Sales Funnel

  12. Pj Zafra says:

    Hey Ming,

    Awesome post here. I use forums a lot. Such a powerful tool. Thanks to forums, I get extra spikes in traffic, leads and sign ups. It’s definitely a place to jump into. Best thing is that its simple. Just offer value within our forum posts and answers and it will become attractive. Mix our answers with a compelling call to action in our signature, things will get better.

    Thanks for sharing this great post! Keep it up! :)
    Pj Zafra recently posted..Are You Attracting The Right Things Into Your Life? (The Story Of A Pizza)

  13. Very cool tips Ming,

    I haven’t used forums much, but I know there’s some good ones out there. The thing I found was that it’s helpful to find forums where your area of expertise is valued. It’s your expertise (and sociability too a degree!) which attracts traffic.

    Love the points to remember – some forums will even allow multiple links in the signature, and some are high PR dofollow sites so it’s well worth exploring.

    Maybe I have to get back into this again, I only touched the surface before but it’s certainly a powerful technique if you follow these guidelines and do it right!
    Jym | Marketing Your blog recently posted..11 Popular Places to Promote Your Blog Posts

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Jym | Marketing Your blog: Hi Jym, good to see you here. Forum is a great place for you to establish “authority” and “reputation” and hence great traffic will follow.

      You do bring up a a great point, which is the backlink from the forum. On top of the high PR of the home page, some of the threads also contain PR of 2 or 3 as well. So, it is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone (direct traffic + backlinks).

      Personally, I love forum marketing as I found it a great place to get different opinions and views and also instant traffic + long term traffic.
      Ming Jong recently posted..SEO Link Building On Steroid – Ways to Maximize Your Backlinks

  14. Dan says:

    Nice post. I find replying to existing threads to be a great strategy for a few reasons.

    1. There are a lot of people who have already replied who may be notified of your reply (as opposed to new threads which are often lost), and

    2. Some forums allow you to promote your blog posts if they are within the current conversation. i.e. you can’t start a new thread about your new ebook but you can reply to an existing one with a suggestion that the person check out your ebook ;)
    Dan recently posted..31st to 5th in Google in 1 month (part 2)

  15. Just make sure in your enthusiasm to start your first new thread that it doesn’t come off as a promotion for your services. Make it pure information.
    David @ solar ontario blog recently posted..November – Solar Power’s Doldrums

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