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One of the biggest challenge in the online marketing is getting traffic to your website! I’m not saying that with immense amount of traffic flood to your site you are guaranteed to make tons of money online. However, without traffic, I will guaranteed that you won’t have a clue of how your site is performing and you won’t make money. One of the great way to increase traffic to your website is via video marketing.

YouTube Traffic

Video marketing is not a new technology but still majority people are not yet tapping on this huge traffic source to increase traffic to their site. Video used to be a luxury technology and only accessible by those big company with huge budget. Not anymore now… Take a look at YouTube and you will see most of the video are not the professional type like Hollywood’s style and yet they attract millions of views! Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can choose to make screen capture video or the traditional type of video where you film yourself.

Video Marketing – What Do You Need?

For the purpose of video marketing, I would suggest you to stick to the normal digital camera or your mobile phone that have video filming function if you are tight on budget. The purpose of video marketing is to attract views and then convert to views to traffic to the sites you wish to direct to. We are not trying to become a professional of video making. So, we will focus the part on “Marketing”!

If you are not comfortable to be filmed, you can choose to create screen captured video that basically record on your screen. This is great for creating lots of “how to” video. I personally use Camtasia Studio, which is a premium video software. They have a free trial which allows you to use it for 30 days. Else, you can use an open source freeware called CamStudio or Jing  for free. They are not as powerful as Camtasia in terms of editing and other function but still they will do the job for screen capture.


Animoto is an awesome online video making tool that allows you to create professional type of videos with just a few clicks. All you need to do is to upload some of the images together with  some texts for the script and Animoto will compile them to a video. However, recently Animoto has disabled the download function for the free account.

I have recorded a video below to show you how to download Animoto video for free using a free account without upgrading or paying a dime to Animoto:

Watch How to download Animoto video for free on YouTube.


If you love animation video, it is your chance to create your own animation video using GoAnimate for free! The best part of using GoAnimate is that they will do the voice over for you once your type in the conversation and the video quality is top notch!

However, if you go to and start creating your animation video from there, you can’t download or export your video to YouTube for free. Fortunately, there is an awesome way for you to create and export your video straight to your YouTube account with GoAnimate without paying a dime! All you need to do is to go to and follow the instruction to create and export the video! You can also watch the step by step video I recorded for you on the exact process plus how I create an animation video within minutes below:

Watch GoAnimate YouTube Tutorial on YouTube

Update: GoAnimate YouTube has been disabled by GoAnimate. A premium account is needed in order to download the video from GoAnimate.

How To Create a Compelling Video to Increase Traffic?

Here comes the juicy part. As I mentioned, our purpose is to create a video to increase traffic to our sites. So, I don’t care if you are creating screen capture type or the normal video filming type, the principle to use video to drive traffic to your site is the same.

What type of videos will attract tons of view? Funny, weird, shocking, curious, sexy, inspiring, instructional, personal, etc… types of videos will attract eye ball. I believe we have all seen lots of this type of video get shared, went viral and attract millions of views in a short span of time.

1. Funny / Shocking Video

I would like to take one of my favorite Youtube video – Will It Blend as case study below:

This is a simple funny video that almost generated 13 million views on Youtube. It has a catchy music (maybe from 50s?), a logo in the background and the video is very short, less than 2 minutes. They have done various videos and tried marbles, rake handle, ice, Macdonald Big Mac value meal, credit card, etc…Subsequently they also blend diamond, Iphone, Ipad, etc.. This type of video generates lots of buzz because it is kinda shocking and funny. People love them and these videos went viral pretty quick.

I am not suggesting you to create a video where you blend your ipad, iphone or Kindle Fire, etc…I hope you get my point that crazy, funny, shocking type of video will attract lots of view.

2. Instructional Video

You can easily create a video that show people how to do something, such as “How to Setup A Fanpage“, “How to start a blog from scratch“, “How to install a software”, etc…There are virtually unlimited content for you as long as you know something. Do not ever think that this type of video is silly or too simple as you will be surprise there are a lot of people that not tech savvy who are still learning very simple thing.

One tip you can adopt such as to record the video in 2 parts, part 1 is uploaded to Youtube and Part 2 is only available on your website. This is one of the ways to channel traffic from Youtube to your site and hence increase traffic to your website. The other thing you can do is to use powerpoint and compile 4 questions and answers, then create your video based on that. On the last question you show on the video, direct them to your site for answer without showing the answer on the video. This is another great way to increase traffic via video marketing.

The key to siphon the traffic from Youtube is to provide quality content without giving out 100%. Leave the 2nd part or the best part on your website so that they have to visit your site to find out. Once the traffic is on your site, you will be able to decide how you should utilize the traffic.

This is a powerful strategy that you can use it in article marketing and channel traffic from there as well. If you are doing it for article marketing, why not convert the article to video and tap the huge pool of traffic source from video directories such as Youtube?

The rationale behind this strategy is that you give a reason for the viewer to take action. Most of the time, if you only put a call out or annotation saying “Visit for More Information” after the video, they won’t take action. You will need to hook them up and give them a compelling reason to act right after watching the video.

This is a simple technique you can adopt to increase traffic to your site via video marketing. In the next post, I will be going through some detail on Video SEO and how you should optimize your video so that they can rank well on Google.

Your Voice

Do you use video marketing to increase traffic to your site? If so, what do you generally do in your video to attract views and click through? Leave me a comment below and I love to hear from you.


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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