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Press release is considered to be one of my favorite traffic sources for two reasons, direct traffic to your site and SEO effect. However, you will need to think about which aspect you would like to focus because these are slightly different.

If you would like to get direct traffic to your site, you should get a high quality press release done with a call to action so that the readers will get the attention and visit your site. The intent of this kind of press release is purely to let them click the link to visit your site. This is similar to article marketing except that press release shall be written in 3rd party format (i.e. never use I, we, unless in “quote”) and the wording is not as fancy as the normal article. Hype phrases or sentences should be avoided because they might get your press release to be rejected by the reviewer.

Press Release

Why Press Release?

Direct Traffic

So, what’s the benefit of using press release comparing to typical article sites? Traffic, trust and authority. There are tons of people reading news everyday to check out the latest news or announcement. If the press release get listed in Google news, you will most likely to get tons of traffic to your press release, on top of the traffic within the press release site. Also, there are a lot other news agencies, press release sites and blogs love to syndicate the press release so that they get the latest news and content. This is how the news sites / newspaper work in both online and offline world. So, this is how your press release will get tons of direct traffic.

The other thing is that people view press release sites different from the article directories. In fact they are different. Well established press release sites are considered authority sites and trusted by search engines and the readers. Think about this, what happen if your site is featured in a press release site? You will gain trust and authority from both readers and search engines.

You can also rank your press release on the front page of Google to get even more exposure. I have some good results using WebWire, which is a cheap paid service. It costs $25 to submit your press release but I find that it is easier to rank on the front page of Google with Webwire comparing to other press release sites. There is no secret to rank the press release. Typical on page SEO plus SEO backlinking techniques are applicable to rank a press release.

SEO Effect

Another aspect of press release is SEO, which is why I love press release. If you want to use press release as your secret SEO weapon, all you need to do is to make sure you include the desired keyword you would need backlink present in the press release. Some of the free press release sites accept 2-3 anchor text backlinks while others only accept a naked URL. For SEO purpose, I would encourage you to only submit your press release to those accept anchor text backlinks.

Press release sites are trusted sources in the eye of search engine and hence backlinks from press release sites are great for SEO. Also, the best thing comes when your press release get syndicated by other press release sites and blogs because your anchor text backlinks get syndicated as well. It is not uncommon to see the press release to get syndicated to thousands of sites. Below is a screenshot of one of my search results of my press release topic submitted in March 2012. There are 2,320 results in less than a month!

Press Release Results

I am not saying there are 2,320 backlinks to my site because some of syndicated source provide link back to the original press release instead of syndicating the full release. However, this is great in terms of SEO as well because they pass on link juice as second to the press release and eventually channel to your money site.

Get Your Press Release Out

Usually I write my press release if I want to get the direct traffic because I know exactly what I want and how to get the best results to attract people to visit my site. However, I do even more press release for SEO purpose. For this kind of press release, one of the best services that I use is Submitinme, where it helps you to write a press release and submit to 90++ press release sites manually.

Writing press release is not a tedious task for me if I know the topic well. However, just like anything else, submission is a killer, especially you need to submit to more than 10 sites. Submitinme comes into handy to help to write a press release plus manual submission to 90++ sites. They will provide screenshot as evident for each submission so that you know they really did their job.

FREE Press Release Sites For SEO

Below are a few of the top free press release sites that you can submit to if you would like to do it yourself:

Do check out their terms and condition before you submit the press release so that you can make sure your press release will meet their requirement.

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Your Voice

Do you use press release as your marketing technique? How does press release help your site? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

16 Responses to “Get Tons of Traffic From Press Release”
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  1. Few years ago, we used to consider Article Directories as major source, and now we need to make use of almost all available sources. But, I aint sure about press releases. Thanks a lot for awareness and awesome points that you’ve discussed
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..How to Get Paid Android apps for Free

  2. Hi Ming, Thanks for the nice review on using PR releases for getting more traffic. I actually found your web site as I’m looking at using PR relases to market my web sites. Do you have any experience with PRWeb? I see they charge $89 for a basic package, which seems kind of high. Do you usually use your home URL as one of the links? I’d think this would be a great way to pass along trust to your main url when articles are picked up by reputable sites.

  3. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Ming,
    Thanks for sharing your WebWire experience and is it $25 your total cost? I didnot know that, Is not it cheap?
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Herbspro Coupon & Review

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Pete Goumas: Hi Pete, yes the total cost is $25 if you write your own press release. There are still other free press release sites that can publish your PR, but some of them might not get your PR listed in Google news…To me my intention is to rank the PR,and I’ve a few PR using webwire that rank on the front page of Google and make me a few hundred dollars so it definitely worth the price :) However if you only want to get some backlinks, it is expensive as there are other free PR sites that we can use.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation

  4. Rob Nelson says:

    I have heard that PR’s are good for getting free traffic to your site but not about the SEO effect. I will have to look at some examples so I can write my own PR’s.

  5. Ileane says:

    Hi Ming, I agree that press release sites are much different from article sites. I never knew that the price was $25. I guess that is reasonable especially if you are promoting a special product offer or somehow you can recoup the investment. Thanks for the tips!
    (btw – I didn’t see the screenshot, looks like part of it is missing).
    Ileane recently posted..Secret Blog Traffic Strategy That Gives You More Leads and Higher Conversions

  6. Amit Shaw says:

    First of all Thanks for this superb informative article Ming.
    I never heard about press release. I am too new in blogging arena. But i will give a try to it. Thanks.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Top 5 Android Smartphones

  7. Thanks for this little traffic formula. I have run my site for so long and not getting traffic to it since I am not ranking well in Google,. I think this is a solution.
    Amrik @ Monetize Blogging recently posted..Free Virus Removal Tools & Useful Programs

  8. Olawale says:

    Press releases is good for driving awesome traffic to website and blogs. I have never used it though, but my friend who have used it shared a good news about it with me. This is the best time for me to try my luck :)

    Thanks for this awesome post

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