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If you have been blogging in the niches such as business, marketing, SEO, web development, etc… for a while, you’ve probably come across several blog bookmarking sites and submitted your blog post. However, how can you get a lot more targeted traffic from these blog bookmarking sites?

These blog bookmarking sites allow you to submit your favorite posts by others or your own, so that other members can vote for them and give their comments.

Why You Need To Be In These Communities?

Apart from the fact that you can submit your own post, get voted by other members and receive very targeted traffic to your site, you will have a chance to network with lots of awesome bloggers. These are the places where you can build up relationship with your favorite bloggers, strike a JV deal, finding guest post opportunities, etc…

Top Blog Bookmarking Sites

Apart from BlogEngage, which recently upgraded and require a 1 time sign up fee, the rest of the sites are still free to join.

How To Maximize The Benefits From These Communities?

After you join these communities, you will be able to submit blog posts by others or yourself. However, do not just simply submit your post and hope to receive avalanche amount of traffic without putting extra effort. Blog bookmarking sites are just like any other communities, which focus on interaction.

So, before you start submitting the blog posts, take some time to fill up your profile, upload a photo, etc…Think of these sites like Facebook where you connect yourself with people.

1. Interaction / Networking

There are lots of great bloggers around in these communities, so take some time to check out their posts, vote and comment them. Add them as friends to establish a relationship and visit their blog to provide valuable comment to their posts. You will be surprise how much benefit you will gain from interaction and networking with other bloggers.

In turn, your name will be remembered by those bloggers that you have built up relationship and whenever you submit a post, you will generally get more attention from them and this translates to more votes, more traffic to your site and more interaction in your blog post.

networkingPhoto Credit

2. Create Great Quality Blog Post

Apart from building good relationship with other bloggers, you definitely need exceptional quality of blog post in order to get the votes from other members and attract more visitors. Ideally your blog content should contain helpful information and tips to solve people’s problem.

There are generally 2 types of topic I personally love to read and I’ve seen lots of comments flooded in these types of content. The first one is the “top list” such as Top 50 Ways To Get Massive Amount of Traffic” and the 2nd is “Exposed of A Big Tip” such as “1 Secret Way to Use YouTube To Get xxx Visitors To Your Site”. People always like comprehensive resources so that they can refer and try out the resources they haven’t encountered. Also, people love innovative way to get things done more efficiently. So, if you can provide these type of information to solve their problem, you content is deemed to be helpful, informative and worth to be shared and voted.

The other key point for your post to get read is your headline. Without a great headline, no matter how great is your blog post, it won’t get opened and read. So, your headline must be catchy enough to grab the attention of people.


When you follow these top 2 strategies when submitting blog posts to these blog bookmarking sites, you will definitely get a lot more votes than others and help your posts get pushed to the front page with more exposure to other members. This is how you will get lots of targeted traffic to your website. Feel free to share your experience in using any of these blog bookmarking sites.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

6 Responses to “Top 2 Strategies To Get More Targeted Traffic From Blog Bookmarking Sites”
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  1. Ming,

    I agree 100%. So far i only -regularly- use Blogengage and Blokube. But they (and the others) are a great way to build community and get links.

    The more you make it a two way street on those networks (liking others links etc.) the more effective they become.

    Speaking of which I was going to bump this post on BE or Blokkube, but you do not have a article link for it here. You might want to get one. Anyhow no worries, I google +1 and stumbled. ;)

    Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..The Pomodoro Technique: Internet Productivity 25-Minutes at a Time?

  2. Caleb says:

    Another point I believe is important is to make sure you use an attractive avatar pic ;)
    Caleb recently posted..Why AWeber is a Worthy Investment

  3. I had been using blog social bookmarking since I started blogging and had been in Blog Engage for about 2 to 3 years and had make a ton of friends in the community, though the rest I had use a year or 2, except “” sometime decline my submission which I seldom use. But overall, blog social bookmarking is essential for any blogger even the pros, I mean without this sort of communities it will be extremely hard to really find targeted audience.
    Wong Chendong aka The Bad Blogger recently posted..5 Amazing Ways to Get More Emails Seen and Opened at a Rate You Won’t Believe! (Use it At Your Own Risk)

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Wong Chendong: Thanks for stopping by. For serpd, it does not allow you to submit posts from the same domain continuously. So, that either encourages submission for other blog posts that you deemed worth to read or discourages people from submission, lol! Anyway, these communities for bloggers are great :)

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