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In this post, I am going to show you my top social media traffic sources that bring me great results with minimal effort and the exact ways I harness the traffic from them.

There are many ways you can benefit from social media. The first obviously is the direct traffic you gain from the social media network and the other one is the SEO effect. Here, I will only want to focus on the direct traffic and treat the SEO as a bonus because we will need to consider a whole lot other things like on page SEO and backlinking technique on top of the social signals for a proper SEO campaign. Of course, there is another important aspect –  it is easier to build up trust and rapport with social media. Just think of the following:

Would you trust more for a post that get shared & discussed on Twitter & Facebook than another without social sharing? Click to Tweet

Enough for the benefits of social media, check out the following top social media traffic sources below.

1. YouTube

In the past 3 months, I have been creating quite a lot of videos based on my existing content. So, all my time spent is on video creation because I already have the content. Depending on the video length, the whole process from creating to uploading and optimizing the video might take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Majority of my videos are screen captured videos using Camtasia. So I didn’t really do a lot of fancy effect apart from minor editing like adding a watermark on the video and cut out some of the mistakes I made during video recording.

After the video is done for compilation, I will then upload to YouTube and optimize the title, description, tags and annotation for the video. Basically, just make sure that the keywords I would like people to search for are within the title (preferably at the beginning) and in the description.

Depending on the call to action of the video, always put a URL link (including http:// so that the link is clickable) in the description box so that people can check out what you have to offer. Some videos might drive traffic straight to an affiliate offer, some will bring them to a relevant blog post, some will take them to a squeeze page for them to download a freebie and some will lead them to subscribe my YouTube Channel.

There are still works for me to do to brush my YouTube Channel to engage with the viewers. On top of that, I have included a YouTube subscription box on the sidebar for people to subscribe to my YouTube Channel on my blog. Check out the video below if you would like to embed a YouTube subscribe button on your blog:

Click here to subscribe my YouTube Channel

2. Twitter

This is my favorite source because there is not much effort from my end apart from tweeting my post on Twitter, which I have automated the process with Tweet Adder.

All I do is to select some of my great posts, shorten the URL and create the Tweets with my URL and schedule the Tweets in Tweet Adder. This brings in super targeted readers that are interested in checking out my blog posts.

Of course, you will need to build up some followers in order to attract traffic. This is handled by Tweet Adder. I have detailed on how I use Tweet Adder to gain more followers on Twitter and the “maintenance” that I do daily in this post. Read the post for more information.

3. Facebook

Ideally, you should have a fanpage and start getting some fans so that you can share your blog post / update via fanpage. If you don’t have one yet, check out my post update on Facebook page Timeline for some resources.

For facebook marketing, apart from fanpage, I highly recommend to join groups related to your niche. You can just type in your keyword and filter by group, as shown below:

Facebook Group

Some groups might require permission so it might take some time for the moderator to approve you to join the group. After you join the group, take some time to find out the rules of the group or send a message to the moderator to ask if you are allowed to share your blog post in the group.

If you can, start sharing some of your great post to the group and also check out other posts by others. Interact with people by “liking” and leaving a comment. People will start to know you and be more likely to check out the content you posted.

Join as many group as you can and find out the groups that allow you to share your content. It will only take you 10 second to share your blog post to each group.

Apart from joining the group, you can make friends with people that you are in your niche so that when you share your content on your wall, your friends will see the wall update. Always interact with people because this is the sure fire way to get reciprocation, i.e. people are a lot more willing to like and check out your post if you create great quality post.

So far these  3 social media platform have served me well and there are a lot of potential for long term traffic when your site is more established. What are the top 3 social media platforms that get you the most traffic?


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

30 Responses to “My Top Social Media Traffic Sources”
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  1. Lassiter says:

    I still confuse how to attract visitors to share posts we had. Honestly, I’m not sure there’re many people who want to share a post except it’s attractive or hot news today. I think we should interact with them first, get their attention, and then try to share posts so they will do it in their social accounts…

  2. My favorite traffic source is YouTube. Love using it!
    Lynell Bumpas recently posted..Fans of The Trinity Code

  3. Neil Ferree says:

    Video is hands down one of the more effective mediums for generating targeted traffic to your website. Albeit, once you’ve created the video and uploaded it to YT, the real work begins. This is why having a content marketing system where you can syndicate your best stuff to your top socials is a skill most every online marketer should have.

  4. ziyamarshal says:

    offcourse these are the best social networking sites but i found that pinterest is more powerful regareds traffic then other sites.anyway thank you so much

  5. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ! They bring me a quite good result. Nowadays, social media is very powerful in marketing. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Scarlet says:

    Mine are Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Facebook. YouTube doesn’t do much for me. Of course, I haven’t put that much time into either…
    Scarlet recently posted..Sneak Peek Into The Magical World of Croods- A Family Movie

  7. Obviously Facebook and Youtube are playing major role in every entrepreneur’s life who apply their own strategies, but Twitter is a mystery for me, I don’t think getting traffic from twitter is as easy as you’ve stated over there :)

    It is obvisouly requires strategic effort to build community and we got to spend time which we really shudn’t :)

    Great share :)
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 [Whats your Choice?]

  8. Peter Mutiso says:

    @ Ming Jong, I will try using YouTube to generate organic traffic to my site. And you video are so clear, which camera do you use?
    Peter Mutiso recently posted..Top 10 Small Business Ideas Topics to Implement As a Blogger

  9. Ivan Aliku says:

    As for Facebook and Twitter, I have been enjoying some god traffic from them but I’m yet to get in video creation. I think I will have to begin that soon.
    Facebook is very powerful. With a lot of fanpages, and groups to like and join to share contents, traffic is sure to be the next best thing. Twitter is a bit tricky because you will have to work on building a large base of followers to drive traffic from it. I’m just coming across tweet adder and I’d surely try it out. So far, I have been using JustRetweet to submit tweets and retweets other users’ tweets.
    I already have CamStudio installed. I think my weekend should give some dedication to video marketing. Thanks for this post Ming.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..Generating .edu and .gov backlinks to your blog

  10. Peter Mutiso says:

    What about StumbleUpon? I didn’t know that YouTube can drive that kind of traffic. Thanks for sharing

  11. jawad zaib says:

    i agree with you but i think stumbleupon pinterest and digg are also great tools now a days you need to update this list or write another post about top social media traffic sources, i am getting a lots of traffic from these three as well any way its a nice post thanks and keep up the good work…

  12. Hi Ming,

    Would you say these remain the same for B2B as they do for B2C. I agree with YouTube and Twitter, but I don’t find Facebook at all meaningful for B2B. I prefer LinkedIn. Thoughts? ML

  13. jossef says:

    Thank you for the valuable information, I think those are the most powerful social media sites online. Youtube is a huge traffic source if you can create videos and build a network of people who will be interested in the topic.
    I am not good with videos yet, but you can see in Google that Youtube videos rank really high in the search results

  14. Hi Ming,

    If you can plz tell me something about new Panda update.. and what is the EMD …

    My 5 sites has gone down in ranking…… What Can I Do????? :(


    • Ming Jong says:

      @Christina Marley: Hi Christina, the latest Google algorithm update is a derivation of Penguin and Panda… Or just call it EMD update as it targets the exact match domain. Basically, Google claim to target “low quality” exact match domain.

      I view it as another keyword stuffing penalty in corporation with the anchor text distribution. When did you sites’ ranking go down? Are you sure if you got hit my the EMD update?

      Google is constantly updating its algorithm. While maintaining high quality content is a must, keyword density and anchor text distribution are critical as well in order not to get penalized by Google.

      Also, find other traffic sources like social media, video, PR, paid traffic, etc… for your new site instead of relying on Google alone. This will safeguard your business.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Tweet Adder Review – Get Twitter Followers Fast And Easy Way

  15. Lynn Brown says:

    Ming: I, too, have been diligently working on creating videos. As you mentioned, we already have the content so that aspect is taken care of. Videos are a fantastic way to visually connect with followers. Videos allow you to provide short snipits of instruction/how-to that many people find invaluable. Thanks for sharing your strategies/methods with us!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..LinkedIn Endorsement

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