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In my last post on “how to create killer content with Content Rules“, content recycle is of my favorite simply because it will save me a lot of time and effort in terms of creating content while getting a lot more out from it.

Content Recycle

Why Content Recycle?

If you have been blogging for some time, you will notice some content perform better than others, i.e. some will attract more eyeballs, get shared more on social media and get more comments. Those are the content we need to watch out and preferably write more in detail and / or cover relevant aspects, because those are the types of content that your existing audience love to read!

Blog post is only 1 way for you to reach out your audience. Based on your existing content, you know the top list of the popular posts. You can easily convert those popular blog posts to other formats to get more traffic to your site. There are a few ways for you to harness more traffic from your existing content such as to turn a blog post into video, podcast, Powerpoint, report, webinar, book, etc…

This is a really powerful way to attract more visitors to your site by tapping on various traffic sources with your top notch content. Check out how you can easily turn your best content into various format and get more traffic to your site below:

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If you have not started using video for your business, you better start now since video is getting more popular thanks to cheaper bandwidth and broadband facility. YouTube is currently the 3rd site just after Google and Facebook in terms of traffic. It is a pity if you have not had your own YouTube Channel and start driving traffic from your YouTube videos.

I have recently started making some screen captured videos mainly based on my existing blog content. In less than 3 months, I have created around 50 new videos and with a around 6,000 views. These are additional exposure for my blog.

Though the number of views are not a lot but considering the effort I put in for marketing the videos and the potential for those videos to bring me traffic in future, I think it is a pretty good deal. Also, I haven’t done much to optimize my channel such as customizing the background to channel the traffic and to use a welcome video with call to action instead of showing the latest video.

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If you have content best to demonstrate with a video (i.e. how to use a software, etc…), a screen captured type of video is the most appropriate. With Camtasia Studio, creating / editing a screen captured video is just a piece of cake. Else, you can also use video camera / smart phone to shoot a talking head video.


If you have recorded a video, you can easily stripped the audio part and turn it into a podcast if it is suitable. There are a few dozens of podcasting sites that allow you to submit your podcast, including Itune. In fact, podcast and YouTube are the top 2 sources for Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income.


You can easily create a powerpoint based on your existing blog content and distribute to sites like Slideshare, which is a traffic site with Alexa rank of 199 at this point of writing. Refer to this post for a top list of Powerpoint sites where you can submit your slides for free traffic.

Another tip to drive more traffic to your Powerpoint is to share it in social media networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Google +, etc…If you have quality content for your Powerpoint, it is not unusual for it to get shared and go viral.


If you have a series of blog post, you can easily compile them together and turn them into a report. You can decide if you want to sell it at a cheap price or give it away for free. I have seen people use it as a freebie for their squeeze page to build a list. Some people also use a script like Pay With A Tweet to attract viral traffic while giving the freebie away.

People will need to tweet the link in exchange of the freebie. So, this is a win-win situation as people get the product for free while the product owner gets viral traffic plus a backlink from Twitter.


Webinar is a popular media to allow you interact with your audience. You can take your existing content and run through a case study or demonstrate how you use it, etc…to build up rapport with your audience. On top of that, you can even sell your product right after the webinar, which is a very effective to close the sales.


Do you know you can publish your book on Amazon for free? I have published 2 kindle books on Amazon and a large portion of the content is based on the blog posts I published.

Now, I am getting traffic from Amazon customers that bought my book and royalty payment from Amazon. This is exactly killing 2 birds with one stone!

The benefits for recycling your content is huge! If you rely on content marketing for your traffic, it is essential to develop a plan for content recycling. What’s your view on this? Love to hear your thoughts!

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

24 Responses to “How To Get More Traffic Out From Your Existing Content”
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  1. I agree. You can convert your popular posts into a free report and turn it as a freebie to new subscribers.
    Christopher James recently posted..Tao of Badass

  2. vinton samms says:

    This is a very good post on the subject matter. it has opened my eyes to some unique ways of recycling content. It is good because sometimes one has a lot of content that has been used before but just sit there, but with this information it can be recycled creatively bringing new insights to persons who might not have known what to do with it. I love this site and will bookmark it to come again and read some of the interesting posts.


  3. EMMANUEL says:

    i have started realizing that it’s always about writing content alone but also promoting it.great one.Thanks

  4. EMMANUEL says:

    Thanks, ming jong, I always find your contents resourceful.I hope to apply all the tips for more results on my blog.
    Emmanuel Ayeni

  5. I just have a doubt, if I’m having an article written like an year ago and it ranked among top #3 and suddenly if it loses its rank and all of a sudden that post isn’t receiving any visitors and we don’t have anything to do with podcasts or videos or webminor or other things you’ve mentioned, are there any alternatives to give life to old posts and drive traffic as they used to get??
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 [Whats your Choice?]

  6. Ivan Aliku says:

    This is what I’d call another brilliant article. I have not utilized the use of videos at all. I have been planning to start making use of t though as I have heard and sen any people give credits to getting traffic from promoting their sites with videos. I also think I’d need to give some thought to using powerpoint and ebook distribution also. Thank you for these great tips.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..What do we do now that exact match domain has come to stay

  7. Alex Aguilar says:

    Videos are great, because they’re short, can be embedded right into the blogpost and can convey a whole bunch of information quickly. On the other hand I think podcasts won’t work quite as well as embedded videos. If it’s a short, embedded 5 minute talk hosted on SoundCloud or something similar, sure – but I don’t think the casual blog reader will want to sit through a 55 minute podcast with interviews, guests and intro music. This is assuming you’re including video and audio to spice up your blog posts, and not running a dedicated podcasting site.

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Alex Aguilar: Hi Alex, various content format will attract different people. There are people enjoy watching YouTube videos everyday and Youtube will become a great source for people to find you.

      Similarly, people will be able to discover your existence via Itune or other channels. Another advantage is that people can download the podcast and listen when they are available (i.e. while driving, taking a bus, etc…)

      This is how we can get extra traffic by tapping on other resources with different content format.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Sell Products Online?

  8. Md Sohail says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    All the above mentioned tips are really helpful as i never tried any such experiment on my existing posts. Will try all those.

  9. Hi Ming. Great post once again. I have been using the powerpoint for sometime and I submit regularly to Slidesshare. Also I have done a bit on reports too. It has not brought me much traffic though. I will try my hands on video and podcast now and see the effect. Thanks for the tips though.
    Adekunle Agbaje@ recently posted..Key Career Development Strategies for Smart Employees in the Twenty First Century

  10. Richard says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    Great tips on content recycling. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating content for my blog and good to know many more ways to recycle content and get out more out from it. What I am doing right now is recycling my blog post and post it to article directory and transcribe it into videos. I love your idea on compiling blog post together and turn them into a report. I’ve always wanted to try it and also the whole Kindle book idea but never got the determination and time yet.

    Have a nice day!~
    Richard recently posted..Aweber Paid Autoresponder or Listwire Free Autoresponder?

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