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If you follow my 6 golden rules in the previous post about creating your list building machine, you should now have a highly effective and eye ball catching killer opt in page. So, you might be wondering, now what? Do you just sit back and relax so and expect you have thousands of people opt in to your list in a few days without putting in any effort?

Of course not. Since you know you have built a solid and proven killer opt in page that will convert, the next task is to promote your opt in page, to expose it to tons of people. Your objective is to drive massive amount of traffic to our opt in page and let it does the job to convert the visitors into subscribers. Below, I’ve included 2 evergreen traffic strategies that will drive insane amount of targeted traffic to your opt in page. Do this consistently and you can easily attract 100++ visitors to your site every day!

Traffic Strategies

1. Blog Commenting

Alright, I hear some noise but please do not skip through this part though you might think you already know. The point I would like to focus here is to drive “targeted traffic“! I know there are tons of people doing blog commenting and hoping to get direct traffic and backlink to your website. They put in very generic comment like “thanks for the great post”, “excellent post”, “great job” and put their desired keyword in the name field, hoping to get an anchor text backlink.

However, I will tell you up front that this will not work. You might get a few backlinks from the blogs that automatically accept and approve comment but you will never get direct traffic from your comment. Some of the blog owner will just delete the comment straight when they see this kind of comments. Firstly, they do not add any value to the post and secondly, it just looks like spam to have the keyword in the name field you would like to rank for.

What you should do instead is to select a few blogs in your niche from Technorati. Read the blog post and write your comment to add value to the post, be it your own opinion or some other things to add on. If you can’t think of any good points, you should at least mention 1 or 2 points in the post you agree (or disagree) together with your reasons.

Another great way you can do is to setup Google Alert with your keywords related to your niche, so that you will receive notification immediately when the specific keyword is mentioned in newly published blog. You can then go there immediately to comment on the blog upon receiving notification. Getting the first place to comment is an excellent advantage as generally it will get you a lot more attention then the rest.



Do check out if there are comment luv or keyword luv installed so that you can fully maximize the advantages of blog commenting. If there is comment luv enabled, your latest post will be displayed by default. You can however choose to display one of your last 10 post. For the keyword luv, you can take this opportunity to put in the keyword you would like to rank for, such as “YourName@DesiredKeyword” in the name field. Look at the example below:



In this comment, I put in Ming Jong Tey@Buyer Keywords in the name field and “Buyer Keywords” become an anchored text to my site. You can see that my last post “Create Your List Building Machine With These 6 Solid Tips” is displayed by commentluv. This is the power of commentluv and keywordluv. So, do take this advantage if the blog has those 2 features.

The last point I would like to make here is to register a Gavatar for yourself so that every time you use the specific email address to comment, your photo will appear. This will attract more attention and looks more legitimate than other comments without photo.

The key to succeed in blog commenting is to attract attention from others and let people to find out more from you, which will lead them to click your link. You can achieve this by providing valuable/contradict comment and follow the tips I mentioned above.

2. Forum Marketing

Again, forum marketing is old school but still very effective. It is a proven technique that works, period.However, just like blog commenting, lots of people only post/reply without major contribution to the forum thread, with an intention to build a backlink to their website. The generic rule is that if your post/reply will not draw attention from people, they won’t be interested to find out more about  you.

The concept is similar to blog commenting, instead of providing valuable comment to blog posts, you do it in forum. You can find yourself a few top forum related to your niche from Boardreader and Omgili.

Once you join the forum, take some time to browse through their rules to make sure you you comply them. Some forums do not allow new joiner to post their Signature until they make enough posts (i.e. 10 or 20 posts). Participate in the discussion and help as many people as you can by providing valuable information to their post. Once you are qualify to put your signature, just draft up an eye catching with call to action signature to attract people to click your link. An example of my signature in Warrior Forum is shown below:

Forum Signature

Tip: look for the threads that closely related to what you offer in your signature, provide tons of valuable content and solve their problem. They will be very interested to learn more from you by clicking your signature link.

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Do You Use Blog Commenting & Forum Marketing?

Blog commenting and forum marketing are 2 old school traffic strategies that work forever if you do it the correct way. The greatest benefit is that the traffic that come to your site is very targeted. The key to succeed to bring in traffic is to do this consistently and I am sure you will see the results.

I’m sure lots of you have done it before or still doing it. Leave a comment below and share with us your experience :)

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To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

20 Responses to “Traffic To Your Opt In Page With Two Evergreen Traffic Strategies”
Read them below or add one

  1. Marlon says:

    I start my day by blog commenting and I really works, I get traffic from it and sometimes get feedback from the visitors as to how to improve my blog

  2. Ivan Aliku says:

    These two strategies has over the years proven to work perfectly. Not only do they convert, they also serve as a means to growing a relationship between owners and customers. They also help in traffic building just like social media. For me, blog commenting and social media has done much in terms of building relationships and traffic. Forums haven’t converted much cos I’m not a regular user of forums but I’d give it some good thoughts from what was explained in this post. Good job Ming.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..Why Online Marketing Is Crucial To Your Business

  3. Everything that is written is true but you can get way more traffic by using social networks these days.
    Jeremy Hunter recently posted..Pros and cons of entering on a drawdown

  4. Adam says:

    I’ve only used commenting as a way to get backlinks. Have to look into the forums. Thanks for the info.

  5. Joni Betink says:

    Interesting, but it’s question of time when you get a solid traffic to your site. Great post keep posting.
    Joni Betink recently posted..FlyGrip

  6. Mahindra Raj says:

    Hello Ming
    I really appreciate that that you always reply to all comments.Its a great thing.I have noticed that generally bloggers do not reply to the comments to their blogs hence they do not get traffic to their site.Great work………..
    Mahindra Raj recently posted..Don’t Go Buying A Website If You Want To Start A Blog!

  7. Mahindra Raj says:

    Blog commenting is very good in many ways.Blog commenting is helpful to increase traffic to the site, we can get some innovative ideas through blog commenting and blogging it a great source of Passive income also.

  8. Tracyann0312 says:

    I tried blog commenting until now and this is very good to attract traffic. especially if you use Comment luv as your plug-in! Thanks for this one!
    Tracyann0312 recently posted..יועצת שינה

  9. Nikki says:

    Spot on Ming.

    I’ve seen so many people doing the wrong blog commenting just to spam the blog and forum. You have laid out a proven, simple and evergreen traffic strategies :)

    Nikki recently posted..Innovative Duros Delivery Device: New Information Presented at ADA in San Diego

  10. Paul Wolfe says:

    Hey Ming

    I started out leaving blog comments as a way to get traffic – and it does work. But I found that leaving comments and interacting with blog owners was a fantastic way to start networking and building online relationships – which can lead to guest posts, joint ventures, etc etc.

    And in the long term guest posts, JVs and stuff are more ‘sustainable’ ways to build long term traffic to your site. (IMO).

    Paul Wolfe recently posted..6 Lessons for #Bloggers from Smart Passive Income

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